Picture and Reviews Of Volvo XC60

I use this picture for completing our reviews of Volvo XC60. This is the picture of last VolvoXC60 which captured from front-three-quarters angle. Currently, this car is one of the most favorite in United States, based on the trend on Google. Moreover, this picture of Volvo XC60 was designed in high resolution. The original resolution of this picture is HD resolution with 1920×1080 pixels. So, you can download and use this picture as a wallpaper.

Reviews Of Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 is a compact crossover SUV manufactured and marketed by Volvo since 2008. Currently, the 2017 – present is the second generation, which the model was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The overall length of Volvo X60 is 182.8″ and the width is 74.4″.

There are two engine options including petrol engines and diesel engines.

Models for petrol engines:

  • T5 AWD with 251 hp @ 5500 power and 350 N·m (258 lb·ft) @ 1500–4800 torque
  • T6 AWD with 316 hp @ 5700 power and 400 N·m (295 lb·ft) @ 2200–5400 torque
  • T8 AWD with 316 hp @ 5700 + 86 hp electric power and 400 N·m (295 lb·ft) @ 2200–5400 + 240 N·m (177 lb·ft) @ 0–3000 electric

Model for diesel engines:

  • D4 AWD with 187 hp @4250 power and 400 N·m (295 lb·ft) @1750–2500 torque
  • D5 AWD with 232 hp @4000 power and 480 N·m (354 lb·ft) @1750–2250 torque

How Much Is A Volvo XC60?

Based on several information, the prices of 2017 Volvo XC60 are various based on the trim. Here are the price list of Volvo XC60:

2017 XC60 T6 AWD Dynamic $47,345
2017 XC60 T6 AWD R-Design $51,995
2017 XC60 T5 AWD Inscription $43,945
2017 XC60 T5 AWD Dynamic $43,945
2017 XC60 T5 FWD Inscription $41,945
2017 XC60 T5 FWD Dynamic $41,945
2017 XC60 T6 AWD Inscription $47,345

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Picture and Reviews Of Volvo XC60

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