All Bentley vehicles will run on electricity until 2030

Bentley will go all-electric by 2030 |

British luxury car maker Bentley plans to abandon conventional engines by 2030

Bentley currently has a number of product lines equipped with 4-liter and 6-liter engines. Of course, with an engine this size you can imagine how much fuel these products use.

According to Car Advice, Bentley also plans to remove conventional engines by 2030, which means the entire Bentley range will be a premium car powered by electrical energy by 2030. To achieve this goal, Bentley has also gradually launched a product.

The first phases begin as planned with the conversion of the entire range to hybrid products by 2023. In addition, the product electric vehicles (EV) will be launched in 2025.

In a hybrid engine, the engine that is used as a V6 engine as part of a sharing program with Audi and Porsche

The first two hybrids can be launched next year.

The decision to develop hybrid products further was because Bentley saw hybrid as a bridging technology for fully electric vehicles.

Bentley is not only committed to the topic of electric vehicles, but also wants to expand its market share through SUV products. Bentley reported on Autocar last April and plans to expand its SUV range.

The presence of this new SUV itself accompanies the Bentley Bentayga, the British manufacturer’s only SUV. With the new SUV, top car enthusiasts get additional options that are more diverse.

Adrian Hallmark, Bentley CEO, said the SUV’s presence is being considered as Bentley sees a niche in the market that has not been closed. “We see the market potential in the SUV segment. The presence of this new SUV will ultimately fill the market with more varied prices. “

This compromise is of course also related to the current downturn in the sedan market. Bentayga’s serving strategy has also been shown to make a significant 47 percent contribution to total Bentley sales.

In addition, the regulations on emissions and safety are currently being tightened. This also makes Bentley more interested in developing the most sought-after products. It cannot be denied that this happens in terms of economies of scale in production costs.