The right steps to avoid rust on the body

The mechanism that will save you a lot of time when washing your car

Rust deterioration on the body has very destructive properties. As with cancer in the human body, rust is difficult to see in the early stages until it eventually spreads, damaged, and becomes increasingly difficult to repair.

Before rust affects the body of your favorite car, give quick tips to prevent rust from building up on the body.

Source of rust

Rust is the result of corrosion, that is, the oxidation of a metal with destructive properties. Rusty iron or metal is brittle, easily dissolves, and mixes with other metals. Rust spreads quickly if not corrected immediately and causes chassis strength to decrease when it hits the chassis of the vehicle.

Electrolyte in the form of acid or salt is a suitable medium for rust formation. Rainwater is high in acid, while seawater is high in salt. It’s no wonder that a car that drives near the ocean or that is exposed to frequent rain and is seldom cleaned is at a higher risk of rusting, especially under the car.

The dirt that sticks to the body hardens to form a crust. When cleaning, the shell erodes the surface of the paint and serves as an entrance for rust. The scratches on the body are the next cause of rust due to the loss of the protective coating on the body and if not repaired immediately, make it susceptible to rust.

How to avoid

You can prevent rust by following the steps below.

1. Wash the car regularly

If you wash your car in a car wash, make sure the staff clean the entire area of ​​the car, especially the parts that are most prone to rust.

For those of you who like to wash your own car, avoid washing it in the hot sun or under trees. Use appropriate tools and do not force them to use groundwater that is not feasible. Make sure all parts of the car are perfectly dry and examine the body for possible rust, which is indicated by red dots on the metal surface that peel off as you scrape it off.

2. Perform a body repair immediately

Even if it’s just a beret, don’t hesitate to fix a damaged body as this is an entrance to rusting.

3. Rustproof coating

In fact, the new car already uses a stainless steel coating. However, over time, in addition to various situations and conditions of use, the coating can deteriorate. Also, some areas of the car usually do not have an anti-rust coating. We recommend applying the anti-rust coating once a year. The rust protection material used is made of black bitumen material to prevent rust and reduce vehicle noise.