AC Freon car is not cold? This is the right time to service your car’s air conditioning

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One of the comforts of driving is the presence of a refrigeration or air conditioning (AC) system. A well-functioning car air conditioner certainly cools the cabin. This is especially valuable when going out on a hot day.

It is a different story if the air conditioning system is not working properly, one of the passengers or the driver does not feel the cold wind but smells an unpleasant odor. Usually with such a problem, people immediately propose to replace the freon. 2934b2f1dde3309a52ceccafef2eeeb1fa497ea1

It is not uncommon for some car users to complain that their vehicle’s air conditioner is not cold when in use. The cause of car air conditioning is not cold, many factors, including freon running out. Well actually, when is the right time to fill the car’s AC freon? Let’s take a look at the review below.

The cause of car air conditioning is not cold.

Keep in mind that in an automotive air conditioning system, there are several major components that blow out cool air, including a compressor, condenser, receiver, dryer, and evaporator. Well, in this evaporator is the AC freon. Presumably, the risk of freon leaks is very small. But under certain circumstances, the lifespan of this AC freon can age and reduce its ability to cool the room. This may be due to the intensity of use of the air conditioning itself or the age of the vehicle.

Note the rubber part of the hose connection seal

In addition to these two factors, the ability of the car air conditioner to cool the room can be reduced due to stretched rubber seal holes in the hose and pipe connections. This condition is generally related to the age of the rubber stamp or other factors. The best solution to solve this problem is to first check all the AC components as a whole. If there is a leak, it must be repaired immediately. After that, the new car air conditioner can be filled with fresh freon.

How to detect an AC freon leak from a car?

Well, how can you detect AC leaks? Detecting an AC leak is quite easy, you just need to pay attention to the car air conditioning compressor. If the car’s AC compressor won’t move when it’s on, the AC freon is probably dead due to a leak. In addition, there are a number of other characteristics that indicate that the freon in the car air conditioning should be replaced immediately, including the air conditioning fan that is not working, the air that comes out is no longer cool or cold, the air conditioning fan is not is working and others.

When is the right time to replace freon in car air conditioning?

The freon function of the car air conditioner changes the hot air to be cooler. However, when the car air conditioner does not feel cold to the touch, the cause is not always due to depleted AC Freon. Also, freon from car air conditioning can generally last for years. In fact, as the intensity of air conditioning use increases and the car ages, Freon’s ability to cool the cabin may decrease.

So don’t forget to always charge or check the AC Freon of the car every 3 years. In addition, there is also a risk of freon leaks if the car’s air conditioning is not cold. However, the chance is relatively small. That is why if the car’s air conditioning starts to get cold, you should take the car to the nearest repair shop to have all the AC components checked. It may be that the cause of the car air conditioning not cold is a hole in the rubber seal at the hose connection, or there are other causes.