Here are 5 useful smartphone apps in your car

9 Best Automotive Apps for Your Smartphone

A number of vehicle manufacturers develop a variety of advanced technologies and features for each of their products. Unfortunately, this technology and advanced features are still minimal for cheaper-priced products.

On the other hand, a premium or luxury car has a wide variety of uses, ranging from operating systems to surveillance conditions to entertainment.

However, the functions with various refinements can be managed and used by many people. This is because it is supported by various applications that are operated via smartphones.

As reported on the Hyundai website, there are several smartphone applications that we can use in the car to make traveling easier and to control various functions in the car.

To find out what applications can be used in a car, here are the reviews:

1. Hudway trip (iOS)

This application has a unique feature in that smartphones can act as heads-up displays or HUDs. No additional …