Here are 5 useful smartphone apps in your car

9 Best Automotive Apps for Your Smartphone

A number of vehicle manufacturers develop a variety of advanced technologies and features for each of their products. Unfortunately, this technology and advanced features are still minimal for cheaper-priced products.

On the other hand, a premium or luxury car has a wide variety of uses, ranging from operating systems to surveillance conditions to entertainment.

However, the functions with various refinements can be managed and used by many people. This is because it is supported by various applications that are operated via smartphones.

As reported on the Hyundai website, there are several smartphone applications that we can use in the car to make traveling easier and to control various functions in the car.

To find out what applications can be used in a car, here are the reviews:

1. Hudway trip (iOS)

This application has a unique feature in that smartphones can act as heads-up displays or HUDs. No additional equipment such as reflective screens etc. required. Just install the application, place the smartphone near the windshield of the car and the light from the smartphone screen will reflect directly off the glass.

This application shows the navigation direction and speed of our car in real time. Amazingly, this application is free or free. So you don’t have to pay an expensive cost to have a HUD.

To be more optimal, use this application at night and set the screen brightness to the brightest level.

However, it is also mandatory to pay attention to the situation and circumstances associated with it and not to provoke criminal acts, since a smartphone will appear on the dashboard.

2. Torque Pro (Android)

This Android operating system application can monitor vehicle conditions for vehicles that are not equipped with Multi Information Display. The prerequisite is that an OBD II slot (On-Board Diagnostics) is available in your friend’s car.

For this application to work properly, you also need an OBD module with a Bluetooth connection, which is now widely available on the open market. This module is useful for sending vehicle data to your smartphone.

Some indicators that you can check through this application range from engine speed, cooling water temperature in the radiator, fuel consumption to the moment you accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h.

Interestingly, when it comes on, you can scan the engine check indicator to see if there are any symptoms that are not applicable to the car without going to the garage.

3. Dash command (iOS)

This is an application that is sufficiently recommended for those who wish to be curious about machines. This application can directly track the data read by the computer.

Such as engine speed, torque, engine power, exhaust emissions, air-fuel ratio, exhaust pressure in the exhaust, to incorrect data from the computer, which keeps the engine check indicator on.

To be able to run this application, a WLAN or Bluetooth module must first be installed in the control unit slot of the vehicle.

This module is usually specific to the OBD-II type as OBD-II sends digital signals to make it easier to read the data. To get this module, it can be purchased from an online shop.

4. Auto mode (iOS)

This is a very useful application for drivers. Because this application for iOS devices contains application shortcuts in just one view that we normally use while driving.

For example a music player, Waze / Google Maps, phone calls, text messages that can be done with voice commands.

Today this function is comparable to Apple Car Play. With head units that do not yet support Apple Car Play, you can use this application and simply connect it to the car radio with a USB or aux cable to listen to songs.

5. Driving mode (Android)

This application is useful while driving because it makes it easy to display applications that are commonly used for driving. For example, like GPS and music players.

With this application, drivers do not have to search for frequently used application icons. Since we can set any application icon to appear here.

Setting up the application shortcut should of course be done before driving.

Apart from that, the visual display is also easy to read so that the driver’s view is not obscured. And the great thing is that this application can connect to favorite applications like Google Maps, Spotify, and Waze.