How to attract customers to sell Harley-Davidson OEM parts?

Attracting the attention of potential customers should be the priority of every business owner. However, many people do not understand that there are several factors that influence whether a person chooses to buy from your store. To sell Harley-Davidson OEM parts you need to offer solutions, not replacement parts. It sounds odd, but it makes sense.

When a person needs their motorcycle repaired they want it done quickly, well and at an affordable cost. If you can offer all this you have a guaranteed customer. If you limit yourself to selling only Harley-Davidson OEM parts you won’t stand out from the competition. In fact, savvy salespeople know that the sales process is made up of several stages. You have to earn people’s trust. But how do you do that?

The way people buy has changed

In the past, people used to buy the first thing that worked for them. Today they take the time to research on the internet what the best options are. You can take advantage of this trend to build trust. When selling Harley-Davidson OEM parts be sure to be honest with your customers. You should post on social media and offer helpful information from time to time.

If they come to your store take the time to explain why a certain replacement part is ideal. Also, after selling the Harley-Davidson OEM parts your customer needs, offer to help them with anything they need with their bike. When people feel well taken care of they trust you. This has been the best kept secret of companies like Amazon. Honesty is also important.

Use social media to Sell Harley-Davidson OEM Parts

If your business is not yet using social media, don’t expect your sales to improve. It’s much easier for your potential customers to visit your profile and see what you have to offer before they come to your store. You can post the Harley-Davidson OEM parts you offer for sale as well as how to properly install them.

Even if your customers won’t do it, they will love the fact that you care enough to explain everything. Occasionally include tips on motorcycle maintenance and safety. For example, what types of fluids to use with certain Harley-Davidson OEM parts. A good strategy is to create a “maintenance diary” that you can give to your customers for free. The idea is for them to write down when they buy a replacement part and when they should change it so they can keep better track of the motorcycle’s maintenance.