Get confused about car exhaust, here are 5 effective ways

5 Major Signs to Prove That There Are Problems in Your Car's Muffler (Nov,  2020)

Many of us as drivers pay less attention to the exhaust quality of our favorite vehicles. In fact, garage friends, the role of the outlet is pretty important. Besides the fact that the exhaust can make the look cooler and have a brighter sound, the perfect exhaust can improve the performance of the vehicle thanks to the perfect exhaust.

Now that maintenance is an important thing, garage friends, the car is guaranteed to be more perfect if we carry out good maintenance. In addition, maintaining the exhaust is quite easy.

A simple exhaust overhaul, just enough to take the car with you every day. This means that it is not just heated every day. If the car needs to be parked at home, the car needs to be driven at least twice a week.

Because if the car is only heated daily, the inside of the exhaust pipe can rust without driving. Imagine if there is water in it it won’t come out unless you drive in it. This can damage the exhaust plate material.

If the exhaust is not properly maintained, a damaged exhaust can be seen and heard. As if it was making a rough noise under the car. In addition, the exhaust vibration feels louder. And most noticeably, the car’s exhaust pipe has an imperfect appearance, also known as hollow. To make sure this doesn’t happen, follow the tips below to get a good and correct car exhaust:

Give oil

Tips for caring for your first car exhaust is that you can add oil to the exhaust port. The function of this oil is to wet the muffler in a way that prevents rust as it is not directly connected to air. To give it, it has to be done under hot exhaust gas conditions. Friends can heat the car first after the engine and exhaust feel hot and then add the oil straight away. Give about 500 ml just enough.

Emptying control

Next, the drainage can be checked. Every exhaust on a car has a drain hole that allows water to enter the muffler so it doesn’t stand still. This outlet is located at the lower end of the muffler and is adjacent to the exhaust pipe. This check is to ensure that the drain is not clogged or clogged. The method is enough to insert the stick. If you feel that there are no obstacles in it, it indicates that there is no deadlock.

Grind the exhaust

If the rust is already appearing, you can remove it with sandpaper. Friends can spray rust removal fluid into the exhaust of the car, then scrub it with sandpaper. This fluid should not be used continuously because of its corrosive nature, which affects the exhaust coating of the vehicle.


In order for the appearance of the exhaust to be narrower, it is better if you put a gloss on it. This shine is like a polish that makes the exhaust of the car look like new again. There’s no denying that this exhaust color tarnishes and fades quickly, so this coating is very important.

Immediately dry the outlet

If it rains it is important that you dry the exhaust immediately. Because if the outlet is not dried immediately, rainwater will make it slightly porous. After drying the outside, you need to dry the inside by heating the car engine.

Portex liquid

If the outlet has a stubborn stain, you can clean it with Portex fluid. With this liquid, stubborn stains will disappear easily. What you need to keep in mind, however, is that this liquid is very strong so you need to be careful when applying it.